Office / Store Hours: Open Daily as posted.

Registration: Upon Arrival

Check Out: No later than 11 am on the date of the camping permit expiration.

Vehicle Pass: Every vehicle must display this parr on the driver’s side of the windshield while the vehicle is in the park. [Please return your pass at the end of your stay.]

Assignment of Sites: All campers are assigned a site. Site changes must be approved by the camp manager.

Parking of Trailers: The tongue of the camping trailer hitches must face the exit road. This allows for removal in case of fire.

Occupancy: Not more than one camping trailer and one tent, OR two tents and no trailer will be permitted per per campsite.

Care of Children: Children must not be left unattended.

Visitors: Visitors are permitted in the park until 10:30pm. If they stay longer, they must register for the night and pay the appropriate site fee.

Conduct: It is prohibited to engage in any violent, abusive, loud, boisterous, vulgar, lewd, obscene or otherwise disorderly conduct, to disturb or annoy other persons, to become drunk and intoxicated or possess, use, deliver or sell controlled substances. Alcoholic beverages may be brought into the park to be consumed in moderate amounts by persons 19 years and older.

Speed Limit: Maximum vehicle speed is 10km.

Water Outlets: Available to obtain water for campsites. Washing of vehicles, dishes, clothes, pets and your person at these outlets is prohibited.

Waste Water: All gray/black water must be disposed of at designated dumping stations, unless a site has proper book up.

Fires: No person is permitted to have a fire in the park, fires have to be confined within our fire pits. All fires are to be under the care of a competent adult at all times until it is extinguished properly.

Trash: All garbage is to be placed in receptacles for that purpose. All camp sits are to be kept clean and presentable. Trash will be picked up each morning. Check with park management to find out the exact time.

Pets: Household pets are permitted if confined on a leash. Pets must not be left unattended or left in a car or trailer. Owners must clean up pet feces.